John "JD" Mattera

Businessman & Entrepreneur

Mr. Mattera is particularly passionate about the fintech industry and has been a leading investor and entrepreneur in this field for many years. His investments have helped create and support many successful ventures, particularly in the areas of clean technology, automotive engineering, and alternative energy. In addition to his work in private equity and investment firms, Mr. Mattera is also a philanthropist and supports a number of charitable causes. He established the Mattera Foundation, which supports organizations dedicated to education, healthcare, and community development. As part of his commitment to supporting the next generation of innovators, Mr. Mattera established the Mattera Reserve Scholarship for Tech Entrepreneurs. This scholarship provides financial assistance to U.S. undergraduate & graduate students who are pursuing degrees in technology or entrepreneurship. Through this scholarship, Mr. Mattera hopes to help students achieve their dreams and positively impact their fields. Mr. Mattera is a respected figure in the fintech and investment industries, known for his vision, business acumen, and dedication to supporting others. He continues to drive the industry, investing in innovative new ventures and supporting emerging leaders.

Professional Credentials

Areas of Expertise

  • Private Equity Investment
  • Fintech
  • Blockchain and Tokenization
  • Clean Technology
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Alternative Energy

Professional Experience

  • Chairman of the Board and Managing Director for XEN IX Capital Ltd.
  • Chairman and CEO of the Mattera Reserve, Inc.,
  • Chairman of the Board for the Boss Global Advisory Group Inc.
  • Managing Director for Wilshire Capital Partners Group, LTD.,

Connect with The John Mattera Scholarship

The John Mattera Scholarship for Tech Entrepreneurs is open to all who are interested in pursuing a degree in technology or a related field. To apply for the scholarship, simply visit our contact page and fill out the form. We invite universities and schools to reach out to us and get involved with our fund. Best of luck to all applicants on their journey to creating innovative technology solutions.


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